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The Tradition of Rolling Toomer’s Corner

“Literally everybody goes to Toomer’s Corner after we win a football game,” said Dayna Porter, an Auburn student. “It’s just tradition.”

After an Auburn win, it’s never a question where fans will go to celebrate. Crowds of people gather at the corner of Magnolia Ave and College Street, where Auburn University’s campus and the City of Auburn meet.

This corner is known as Toomer’s Corner because of the small business, Toomer’s Drugs, that is located adjacent to it. This small business, although no longer a drug store, has been an Auburn landmark for over 130 years.

Since the beginning of Auburn athletics, Tiger fans have gathered at Toomer’s Corner to drape the trees in toilet paper in order to celebrate their victories. This unique tradition, known as one of the best traditions in college football, comes with two stories on how it began.

Some say the tradition of rolling Toomer’s Corner began when Toomer’s Drugs had the only telegraph in the city. During away football games, when employees received news of an Auburn win, they would throw the ticker tape from the telegraph onto the power lines.

It is, however, up for debate whether this started the tradition.

Many argue that the tradition did not begin until the famous “Punt Bama Punt” game in 1972. In this game, Auburn ran back two punts for touchdowns in the last six minutes, making the final score 17-16.

Terry Henley, an Auburn running back in 1972, pledged that the Tigers would “beat the No. 2 out of Alabama.” When this promise was fulfilled, rumor has it that fans reacted by rolling Toomer’s Corner for the first time.

Auburn University is full of great traditions. This one, however, is by far one of the best. Fans love gathering with one another to celebrate a win.

“Everyone is happy at Toomer’s Corner,” said Toni Ann Cox, a student at Auburn University. “It’s really cool to see.”

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