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Six Ways to Save Money as a College Student

Most college students are living on a budget and want to save their money for social engagements. It is easy to spend money in college, but there are also many easy ways to save your money. Read the following tips to help stretch your money a little further.

Make your own coffee.
Auburn has numerous coffee shops where students love to hang out and study. Many of these coffee shops are conveniently located, so it is easy to stop and buy a delicious coffee on your way to class. Buying coffee, however, can quickly add up. Five cups a week could cost you about 20 dollars. Instead of wasting this money, make your own coffee. “There are tons of Keurig flavors that taste just as good as coffee shop coffee does,” said Austin Pitchford, senior at Auburn, “so I just buy those and it saves me a bunch of money.” This tip will save you money, calories and time.

Buy your groceries.
Buying your groceries instead of eating out can save you a great deal of money. You don’t have to be a cook to be able to make your own food. Make a shopping list before you go and try your best to eat at home before even considering eating out.

Rent or buy used books.
Books are expensive. Each semester, students spend hundreds of dollars buying new books that they may or may not use in class. Rather than buying new books, look to rent or buy used books from the bookstore or Amazon. Many students sell their textbooks at the end of the semester, so ask friends what they’re selling.

Set aside money.
Many students receive an allowance from their parents or work to get a paycheck. It’s easy to blow through this money and end up missing out on some social events because of it. Be sure to set aside a little bit of your spending money so that, when the time comes, you have enough money to pay for abnormal social engagements such as away games, formals and spring break. “I try to put 20 percent of my paycheck in savings so I have enough for special events,” said Colleen Casey, senior at Auburn.

Use the rec center.
Auburn has a state of the art recreation center available for all students. There’s no need to spend money on an off-campus gym when you can be using this facility for free.”You don’t need a trendy gym or fitness program to stay in shape,” said Katie Klinger, “so why not use the gym that your tuition is already paying for?”

Use your Tiger Card money.
Every student, whether you live on or off campus, has money on their Tiger Card. Although some people joke that this is “monopoly money,” it is not. It is real money that you can use to buy meals and even groceries. Don’t let this money go to waste.

There are plenty of ways to save money as a student. Be smart with what you decide to spend your money on and be conscious of your budget. Spending money is easy, but saving money can be too.

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