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Ten Things to Remember as a Student on Game Day

Always Say War Eagle Back.

On game day, saying “war eagle” to other Auburn fans is a tradition and part of the Auburn spirit. “War eagle is more than a phrase. It’s a symbol of unity and belonging,” Grace Tryon, senior at Auburn, said. “It’s 2 words that have the power to unite thousands of people.” So always say “war eagle” back to a fellow Auburn fan, especially on game day.

Auburn fans love to share.

As a college student, one of the best gifts you can receive is free food. Luckily, Auburn fans love to share. Look for tailgaters with lots of food – I bet they’d love to have you join their party. Not only is this a great way to save some money on game day, but it’s also a great way to meet members of the Auburn Family.

Don’t Be Rude to Our Guests.

Auburn is known for being the loveliest and friendliest village on the plains. This reputation is something we take pride in and something we would like to maintain – so be kind to visiting fans. “When I go to games at other schools, I don’t always feel welcome, but here at Auburn I think we do a great job of being inviting to our guests,” Meghan Bernhardt, senior at Auburn, said.

Have a Plan.

Game day festivities start bright and early, even when there is an afternoon game. Be sure to have a plan with your friends so you aren’t scrambling in the morning. You don’t want to miss out on any of the fun.

Water Is Your Friend.

Aside from tailgating all day, you must keep in mind that most of the football season occurs in at least 80-degree weather. Drinking water throughout the day will make the game day experience better for you and everyone around you. “The only way to beat the game day heat is to stay hydrated, otherwise you’re not gonna last all day,” Colleen Casey, a student at Auburn, said.

Get to the Game Early.

The student section fills up a lot more quickly than you’d think. If you want to get good seats, be sure to get to the game at least an hour before kickoff. The beginning of the game is one of the best parts anyway.

Bring Your Tiger Card into the Game.

Students can use their tiger card money inside the game to get concessions. This is another way to save money on game day and keep your spirits up. “There’s nothing better than a game day hotdog, especially when you’re using tiger card money,” Austin Pitchford, a student at Auburn, said.

Be respectful.

As a student, sometimes we forget that Auburn is a family town. Especially on game day, Auburn is flooded with families and alumni. Make sure you’re respectful so that these families feel comfortable.

Dress to Impress and Wear Comfortable Shoes.

Game day attire at Auburn is a little different than some other schools. At Auburn, students dress up on game day. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes though! “If you don’t wear comfy shoes, your legs and feet go numb by the end of the first quarter,” Kaitlin Carroll, senior at Auburn, said. “Plus, walking up and down the stadium steps is already hard enough.”

Know All the Auburn Cheers.

Believe it or not, some people don’t know all the Auburn cheers when they go into the game. Learn these cheers so you can be a part of one of the best student sections in the country.

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